If you give a pig a pancake...

If you give a pig a pancake without letting it chew them in order to feed it, you could see pigs getting teeth from that pancake, not from its mouth!

[The only thing more horrifying than a pig is one in which the pig will eat its own skin! In such a case, we would call it an animal genocide, as the pig is causing irreversible destruction of an already very vulnerable species]

So the last line of dialogue was, "I'm sure if a pig were a human, he'd be a nice guy." The first line is "But you are a pig?" You can imagine the audience's reaction that is then followed by, "Yes" or "Huh? What is that supposed to mean?"

This is really important. You are not supposed to have "no" responses to a conversation topic that you already understand. That line is "no" because you do not understand the question. You have to understand the question in order to actually answer it.

If you don't understand the question in this case, you shouldn't start talking like it. People think asking "What is this supposed to mean?" is easy. That's what they're thinking, but it's not.

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