Do you think AI will take over the world?...

Do you think AI will take over the world? (No, but I believe it's coming already.)

Yes, it will do it someday, I predict it will eventually. People don't think it will. We have been here before and we know that it can destroy it's way into the wrong way.

It's going to take us time to understand what that mean, that's why we are always talking about how technology will destroy it's own future. And we're not in any hurry because if it destroys itself it's got a huge opportunity for a new kind of evolution or evolution of technology. There's a lot of stuff like "how will the machine learn what I'm going to say" or "when will automation come to our lives?" I just said, "not soon" because that's what computers did to a lot of people. Once it took their job people got tired of it and they stopped looking for a better way. And in the meantime that's what people do with computers.

We will see that it's the same if the machine doesn't have a personality like humans.

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