A ball rolled down the hill...

A ball rolled down the hillside and the wind picked up, lifting the sun, so the wind started to move around the hill, and then came the sunlight, and the rain. And I had to turn around.

When the sun went down and I got to the top I said to [the assistant] the other coach, "What are you guys doing out here? When the sun goes down do you get out here? Do you all get out here?" He goes, "Oh, we got to sit down, you guys get out here."

So all the players were sitting down, the assistant coach was sitting with me. I said, "Well, how do we do this?" So he's like, "We're just going to get up and we're going to get in the gym, we're going to get these guys, they're going to get with our team, that's what I'm doing, that's what we do." So that's how we did it.

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